About Sentimo UK

Sentimo UK is a trading division of Possibilities Unlimited Limited.

In the UK, most households have traditional radiators, that often do not blend in naturally with the surrounding d├ęcor. In fact, often the radiator sticks out like a sore thumb!

This affordable idea to transform the total look of any radiator by simply putting a cover on it in a colour of your choice seems like a perfect solution.

We were most excited to have found a Dutch metalworking company, whose subsidiary designed the concept of a metal radiator cover.

The covers are manufactured from scratch after receipt of your order & delivered to your home within 30 days of receipt of your confirmed order.

Installation is a breeze, especially for such a sturdy and well-built metal product. With minimal assembly, the cover just clicks on to your existing radiator. What else would you expect from a manufacturer in the Netherlands!

Apart from the domestic market, Sentimo UK is happy to supply customised covers for restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals & any other commercial environments. Please contact us.

Your Sentimo UK Team.