A unique design in just one click.

Sentimo radiator covers can give your existing radiator a new look. Each cover is made specially for you and is available in 45 different colours. 

How it works
Measure 1

Measure your radiator

Configure 2

Go online, give your measurements and choose your colour

Click 3

Easy assembly using strong magnets

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Enjoy your new Sentimo cover!

Why Sentimo radiator covers?

  • Custom made radiator covers that fit over almost every horizontal radiator
  • Optimal heat conduction. Metal is one of the best heat transmitters
  • Available in a wide range of colours to match any interior
  • 3 different front panel design to give a unique look
  • Easy assembly and no tools necessary
  • Home delivered to any any address in Mainland UK within 30 days after order confirmation
  • 3-year guarantee against manufacturing defects of any kind
Most houses in the UK (and many more countries in Western Europe) feature traditional panel or column radiators. What if you were able to cover these ugly radiators with neatly designed metal radiator cover? A cover that keeps the functional side of the radiator intact (getting your house warm and cozy), but gives a fresh new look to the radiator by adorning it with a stylish design and colour.

Sentimo differs from traditional wooden radiator cabinets. Wooden radiator cabinets do not conduct heat, but keep most of the heat inside the cabinet which means there is a lot of heat loss. Sentimo's metal radiator cover is a perfect heat conductor because it is placed directly on the radiator, which means the heat from the radiator can be immediately absorbed by the metal and transmitted into your living space. 

In addition to powerful conduction, Sentimo also encourages free-flowing convection – each cover is built with grills at the top and bottom, allowing hot air from the radiator to continue to rise and keep your room toasty.

Installation is exceptionally easy and requires minimal assembly – simply click your new cover onto your existing radiator!

Get inspired!

Radiators no longer have to be an eyesore. With Sentimo you add that extra touch of luxury to your interior.

This season: soothe the soul with natural colours

Easy assembly with magnets

Suitable for all living spaces, including even damp rooms like the bathroom, for instance, Sentimo covers are supplied in a handy, easily assembled kit that clicks onto your radiator with magnets.

The Sentimo sizes you receive are based on your specific measurements. The cover’s depth will invariably be smaller than your measured size because it must be positioned away from the wall. Its length and height will always be a few cm bigger than your measurements, as it must slide over the radiator.

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