The Possibilities of Sentimo

There’s so much you can do with your Sentimo. Find out all your options below, as well as some technical tidbits.

In most cases, you can conceal your radiator pipes with a Sentimo cover by including them when you take the measurement of your radiator’s length. Sometimes this is not possible, for example, when the pipes stray very far from the radiator. Remember that all of our covers have cut-outs on all for corners to allow your pipes to thread through the cover. Still unsure about the situation? Contact us via this contact form and upload a photograph of your radiator so we can see your space.
No – your Sentimo will attach to the front of your radiator via magnets and will sit a few centimetres away from the back wall (in most cases).
No, the radiator cover should cover the radiator but not touch the ground. We have designed the Sentimo radiator cover to lose little to no convection heat, so if your radiator cover touches the ground, it may affect the radiator's heat function.
The cover is mounted onto the radiator using strong magnets. Watch our instructional assembly videos for more information.
Sentimo radiator covers are not intended for free-standing radiators. They have been designed for wall-mounted radiators.
We do not recommend painting your Sentimo. Our covers are powder-coated, creating a beautiful, even layer of lacquer. Experience shows that this result cannot be achieved with paint or varnish.
Our radiator covers take up as little space as possible. As long as you have 2cm between your radiator and windowsill, the cover should fit without a problem. If you’re still worried, fill out this contact form with a photograph of your space and our team will assist.
Sentimo radiator covers are made of high-quality galvanized sheet metal. The cover is mounted via strong magnets, which means that the cover has direct contact with the radiator and conducts the heat optimally. Most importantly, the open bottom and top grill allows hot air to rise as usual – this convection heat is responsible for at least 80% of the total heat in your room. As a result, the Sentimo radiator cover has minimal heat loss.
You can order up to three colour swatches at a time here. They are sent straight to you within a few days. These swatches come in all of our colours and in the exact material and finish that your Sentimo cover will have.
The magnets we provide to you are 5mm thick. In some cases, your radiator grooves may be deeper than 5mm, meaning that the cover cannot make direct contact with the magnets. This can sometimes cause a tapping sound. We recommend placing the magnets on the ridges of the radiator instead of within the grooves, and this should resolve the problem. Watch our instructional assembly video for some extra guidance.
Clean the cover once in a while with a damp cloth. This prevents dust from settling into the coating. For more information about the maintenance of your Sentimo cover, click here.
Yes – during the order process, select ‘normal knob’ and then ‘upwards’ position to see the measuring instructions for this situation. When you check out, you will notice that we’ve automatically added a raiser package to your order, which is a kit that raises the entire cover by a few centimetres so that it can sit above the valve. For more information about covering different valves, click here.
Most people don’t realise that thermostatic valves (TRVs) actually measure the temperature of the air around them and function accordingly, even in households with thermostats. While there are some exceptions, we don’t recommend covering your TRV in case the valve loses function as a result. For more information about measuring different types of valves, click here. For an in-depth explanation of TRVs, click here.
It certainly does! An additional kit is required to mount the cover onto a column radiator. You will automatically receive this with your order, as long as you select the option ‘Column Radiator’ in Step 1 of the order process.
No – our covers have removable cut-outs on both sides, so you can break these out wherever you need them.
The radiator covers have standard removable cut-outs on the top and bottom of both side panels. You can pop these out with pliers or your hand.
Yes, our covers are suitable for single panel radiators. The smallest cover depth we offer is 5.6 cm.
Yes! Our Sentimo Safety cover has been designed to keep children and vulnerable adults in mind. The technique we use to make our Sentimo Safety keeps the cover's surface temperature down while still allowing convection heat to warm your room. Read more about the Sentimo Safety here.
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