Towel rail Rome Magnetic 45cm

Available in white and chrome. Length: 45cm. Price from

Colour: White (RAL 9016)

£ 42.25 (incl. Tax)

Product Information

Suitable to place on a Sentimo radiator cover length of 45cm or more. The towel rail Rome Magnetic can carry a maximum weight of 5kg.

Note: Our magnets are very strong, so take care placing the rail onto your Sentimo. A good technique is to tilt the rail upwards, place the bottom of it onto the surface of your cover, then slowly tilt the top towards the surface until the magnet makes good contact.

We don’t recommend removing and replacing the rail too many times, but if you do need to remove the rail, use the same technique as above in reverse. Do not pull the rail directly towards you or slide it upwards, as this can damage your Sentimo.