Children's room

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    Colour: RAL1019
    Appearance: Solid
    Measurements: 10.7x45x115
    Price: £ 182.50

An outstanding Sentimo

Why compromise on the interior for your child’s room? Use bright and bold colours to stimulate your baby’s perception in the nursery, or milder colours to focus the attention on other aspects of your child’s bedroom.

In a children's room you get the chance to make the Sentimo radiator cover stand out. The covers are available in many colors.

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    Colour: RAL 9003 Fine Structure
    Appearance: Classic
    Measurements: 10.7x65x115
    Price: £ 248.57

Sentimo Safety

A Sentimo is designed to conduct as much heat as the radiator itself does. Radiators can reach high temperatures that can be dangerous for children. This is why Sentimo came up with the 'Sentimo Safety'. This radiator cover is used to protect children from the heat of the radiator.  

You can read more about the Sentimo Safety here.

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