Return of Sentimo UK Radiator Covers Made to Measure

Incorrect, Faulty or Damaged Goods

We must, by law, provide goods which are fit for purpose, of satisfactory quality and as they were described at time of purchase, according to any relevant pre-contract information provided by us, and which match any models or samples that have been seen or examined by you (unless you were made aware of any significant differences by us). Any digital content that may be included in your order/the goods must also conform.

If any of the goods you purchased fail to comply and, for instance, are damaged or have faults when you receive your order, or if you were supplied with incorrect goods, please inform Sentimo UK as soon as you can reasonably do so of the error, fault or damage, and to arrange a replacement, refund or repair.

Please note: If the goods you received are incorrect due to incorrect information having been provided by you, rather than them failing to match our description, as explained in our Terms & Conditions, Sub-Clause 4.6, you cannot return those goods.

Commencing on the day you receive your goods (and take ownership of them) you have the right for 30 calendar days to reject/return the goods if they fail to conform as stated above and to receive a full refund.

Alternatively, you can request a replacement or repair of damaged/faulty goods. Bearing any associated costs, we will carry out any replacement or repair without substantial inconvenience to you and within a reasonable timeframe.

Under certain circumstances, i.e. where a replacement or repair is unachievable or otherwise inappropriate, we may offer a full refund instead.

If a replacement or repair has been requested by you during the rejection period of 30 calendar days, this period is suspended while the replacement/repair is carried out by us and will resume commencing on the day you receive your replacement/repaired goods.

If fewer than 7 calendar days out of the original 30-day period remain, the remaining period will be extended up to 7 calendar days.

If, following a replacement or repair, the goods still fail to conform (or in the event of us having failed to take action within a reasonably acceptable timeframe or without substantial inconvenience to you or being unable to do so as described previously), you may be entitled to either reject the goods in exchange for full refund of your payment, or to keep them at a reduced price.

Should you exercise your final right to return/reject the goods 6 or more months after receiving (and taking ownership of) the goods, we may subsequently reduce any refund offered to reflect any use you have had of the goods during this period.

Please note: You will be ineligible to claim under the provisions made by this clause if:

  • You were informed by us of any damage, faults or other issues with the goods prior to purchasing them
  • You have purchased these goods for any unsuitable purpose that was neither made known to Sentimo UK nor obvious and the problem was due to your subsequent use of these goods for said purpose, or
  • The problem is a result of general wear and tear, careless or intentional damage or misuse

Please also note goods may not be returned to us under Clause 8 simply because you changed your mind. For details on what to do in the event that you have changed your mind, please refer to our Terms & Conditions, Clause 9.

You may return goods for any reason to us under this Clause:

  • In person during normal business hours (9 AM to 5 PM) or
  • By post or any other suitable delivery choice

Alternatively, you may request for the goods to be collected from you by us. In this case, please make sure that the goods to be collected are ready (at the pre-agreed time & location) for collection. While we are in this case solely responsible for the collection of the goods, we may appoint third party carriers to collect them, in the event of which we will provide all relevant details for you. We will also be completely responsible for any costs involved in returning goods under the terms of this Clause and, where appropriate, will reimburse you.

We will issue refunds (whether partial or full, including any price reductions) under this Clause within 14 calendar days from the date we confirm your entitlement to the refund.

All delivery costs incurred by you when originally purchasing the goods will be included in any & all refunds issued by us under this Clause.

Please get in touch with your local Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau for full details of concerning your consumer rights & remedies.


Returning Goods If Changing Your Mind

If you are for some reason not satisfied with (non-bespoke) goods you purchased from us, you are by right entitled to return them to us in exchange for replacement or a refund, subject to this Clause’s provisions. This Clause is not applicable to goods that do not comply with your statutory rights. Please refer to our Terms &
Conditions, Clause 8, for such goods.

This Clause is not applicable to bespoke goods. You cannot return any goods we have altered or produced to order for you if you have changed your mind.

If you desire to return goods under this Clause, you have to do so within no more than 14 days of collecting the goods from us or taking delivery, giving us the reason why you want to return them.

Under this Clause, all goods have to be returned to us in their un-opened original packaging and their original condition. They must also be accompanied by a proof of purchase.
You may return the goods to us either in person during normal business hours of (9 AM to 5 PM), by post or by any other suitable delivery service. Under this Clause, you are singularly responsible for any cost incurred in returning the goods to us.

Alternatively, you may request collection of the goods by us. Please ensure the goods to be returned are ready (at the agreed location and time) for collection. Under this Clause, you may be charged by us for the collection of the goods.

Replacements or refunds will be immediately issued to you if you return the goods in person to us or, if we collect them or you return them by post/similar delivery service within 30 days of receipt of the returned goods by us.



We guarantee that the goods we have produced, altered or customised (including bespoke goods) for you will be free of material defects for a total period of 3 (three) years commencing from the delivery date. This 3-year guarantee depends upon the exceptions listed within our Terms & Conditions, Sub-Clause 10.2.

Our 3-year guarantee is not applicable to any defects within the Goods due to:

  • Normal/general wear & tear
  • Accidental damage
  • Misuse of and/or deliberate damage to the Goods
  • Failure to use goods according to their instructions, or
  • Repair or alteration of the goods either by you or by any third party not authorised to undertake such repairs/alterations by us

Our guarantee exists besides and in addition to your statutory consumer rights. Your local Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau can provide more information on consumers’ legal rights.


Goods not produced, altered or customised by us may be provided complete with their own manufacturer’s guarantee. Please refer guarantee documentation supplied by the manufacturer with the goods for terms and further details.

The manufacturer’s guarantee exists besides and in addition to your statutory consumer rights. Your local Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau can provide more information on consumers’ legal rights.