Story of Chantal

When we bought our home we renovated our entire ground floor. Toilet, kitchen, floors, everything! Except the radiators...

Radiators: eyesore

The radiators in our house were considered eyesore from day one, but budget for underfloor heating was no longer there. For a moment I doubted whether I would paint them, but in my opinion they do not get much nicer from doing this. Allowing new "design" radiators to hang was simply too expensive, so I had to just let it go.

I found a solution

Until I saw Sentimo on Instagram. Design covers that you can easily place over your current radiators. After looking around at their site, this really turned out to be the solution for us. Beautiful sleek designs in many colours. Easy to install yourself and also for a good price. Because I do not want to let the radiators be centre of attention, I chose the same white colour as our wall. Ideal that you can choose in RAL at Sentimo. That way you can be sure that you choose the right colour.

What an improvement

The first cover was some puzzling, but then I quickly got the hang of it and it was really a few minutes work. Because of the strong magnets that come with the covers, they stay well in place and they fit nicely. And what a difference now that I have Sentimo covers in the kitchen, living room and hall. Nice and tight, and perfectly clean. Really an improvement of our interior!

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