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For measurement instructions, please refer to our ‘Configurator’ page. Here will you will find step-by-step instructions to measure and create the perfect Sentimo for you. If you still have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team. Sentimo uses standard sizes that cover almost all horizontal radiators. The length and height of the Sentimo cover are always slightly larger than the radiator itself. The depth of the Sentimo (measured from the front of the radiator to the wall) is always slightly smaller than the measured value – this means the cover will not touch the wall and covers only the radiator itself, which creates a ‘floating’ effect. When you go through the purchasing process, the ‘delivered size’ (i.e. the size the cover will actually be) is provided. Make sure to check that these sizes fit within the space around your radiator before you place your order.
Sentimo radiator covers are made of high-quality galvanised sheet metal with a thickness of less than a millimetre. The cover is installed via strong magnets, allowing it to connect to your radiator very tightly and therefore conduct heat optimally. Further, the cover is open at the bottom and has grills at the top, allowing hot air from the radiator to rise as it usually does. Eighty percent of heat emitted from radiators comes from this convection heat. As a result, the Sentimo cover has minimal heat loss.
Orders are scheduled to arrive within 30 days following receipt of order confirmation. Your cover is made to order in a highly efficient factory in the Netherlands and delivered straight to your door.
For Change of Mind returns, if you are unsatisfied with the goods or find that they do not fit your radiators based on the measurements you provided us, unfortunately we are unable to accept the return. This is because the covers are bespoke/made-to-order and are therefore exchange, replacement or refund is not possible. If you are returning an item from our ‘Accessories’ page due to a Change of Mind, we can accept the return within 14 days of delivery of the item. You must contact Customer Service before returning the item and provide us with a tracking number for the return. Please note that customers must pay for the return themselves. If for any reason the goods have arrived faulty or defective, returns are accepted, so long as you provide clear photographs and descriptions of the issues within 14 days of delivery of the item. If the item is shown to be faulty, Sentimo UK will cover the return costs and offer a replacement or refund upon receipt of the faulty goods.
Yes! You can order up to three colour swatches at a time right here. They are sent straight to you within a few days.
Radiators have ridges/waves across the front. Sometimes these ridges have a depth of over 5mm. Since the magnets that connect the Sentimo cover to your radiator are 5mm thick, if the ridges on your radiator are deeper than 5mm, the cover will not be able to make direct contact to your radiator. In cases like this, place your magnets on top of the ridges (rather than in between them), to ensure the cover is making direct contact with your radiator. This should absolve the ‘tapping’ sound.
In some cases, Sentimo can cover up the pipes coming in and out of the radiator. However, if this is not possible, each cover comes with four break-out parts (on the top and bottom of each of the side panels), which you can remove by hand or with pliers. This makes room for the water pipes.
No. The depth of the Sentimo will be based on your radiator size. The Sentimo will always cover the radiator, but will be assembled a few centimetres from the wall (in most cases). This has to do with the wall brackets that attach the radiator to the wall.
The cover is mounted to the radiator using strong magnets.
We do not recommend this. Our covers are powder-coated, creating a beautiful, even layer of lacquer. Experience shows that this result cannot be achieved with paint or varnish.
We advise you to clean the cover once in a while with a damp cloth. This prevents dust from settling in the paint coating.
Standard cut-outs are included in all side panels. You can break out these parts where necessary with a pair of pliers or by hand. If you do not need the cut-out parts, leave the pre-punched cut-outs closed.

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