You want to read more about the radiator cover from Sentimo, we get that. The cover is made from high quality steel and finished with a layer of powder coating in the colour of your choice. From all the different colours to how to assemble- you will find it on this page.

Ordering a Sentimo radiator cover in the right measurements is a piece of cake. Our configurator will show you the way. From choosing the colour to taking the measurements, everything is clearly explained. Just follow the steps and let the website do the work for you. The only thing you need is a tape measure! Go to the configurator to check out the steps

What appearance will your cover get?

Sentimo distinguishes between three types of covers. The variant 'Solid', 'Groove' and 'Classic'. The Solid version has a flat plate and the Groove variant is a plate with a rail every 5 cm. The model 'Classic' gives your radiator a classic, yet modern design because of the smooth and framed front. View the examples below and choose the look that suits you best!

What colour will your cover get?

Our radiator covers are available in more that 40 different RAL colours. This means that we have a suitable colour for every style! The covers are powder coated in our factory, which ensures a smooth finish. Do you want your cover to be extra matte? Then choose a colour from our Fine Structure Collection. These colours have a rough structure which provides an extra matte finish.

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How do you take the measurements?

When you have made your choice for the look and colour of your new radiator cover, you can now take the measurements of the radiator. Our configurator will ask you what the radiator and radiator knob look like. Based on this information the correct instructions on how to measure will be presented. The sizes that you enter will be converted into, what we call, Sentimo measurements. This way we ensure that the cover will fit well on your radiator. The depth of the cover will always be smaller than the size you have measured because the cover must be placed a few centimetres from the wall. The height and length are always a few centimetres larger than the measurements you have filled in because the cover has to be slid over the radiator.

Check out the measuring videos

How can you assemble your cover?

Once your new radiator cover arrives, you can assemble it in a few easy steps. You don't need any tools for this.

The cover comes in four parts: one top grille, one front plate and two side panels. With the handy kit and manual, your cover can be put together in a few steps and then can be clicked on the radiator. The cover will remain firmly in place with the supplied magnets.

Still need some more information? Download the instruction manual here or watch the installation videos!

Check out the assembly videos

Tip! Did you know we also offer a Safety design for childproofing?

Our Sentimo Safety cover has been designed to keep children and vulnerable adults in mind. The technique we use keeps the cover's surface temperature down while still allowing convection heat to warm your room. Read more about our Sentimo Safety here.

Watch the video above to see how a Sentimo is assembled


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