The Sentimo radiator cover brings a touch of exclusivity to your interior. This unique metal cover gives your existing radiator in literally one click a new look. Radiators are no longer disturbing elements in your home. Sentimo radiator covers are available in various sizes for panel and column radiators. Available in a wide range of colours.

Watch the video above to see how a Sentimo is assembled

Measuring = knowing

The covers are suitable for any living space, even in damp rooms such as the bathroom. By means of a handy kit you can assemble the cover and click it on the radiator with magnets.

You receive Sentimo sizes based on your measurements. The depth of the cover will always be smaller than the size you have measured because the cover must be placed a few centimetres from the wall. The height and length are always a few centimetres larger than the measurements you have filled in because the cover has to be slid over the radiator.

Would you like us to assist you? Please contact our Customer Service. RAL colour swatches are available at most DIY stores.

Choose the appearance

Sentimo distinguishes between three types of covers. The variant 'Solid', 'Groove' and 'Classic'. The Solid version has a flat plate and the Groove variant is a plate with a rail every 5 cm. The model 'Classic' is the latest addition to the Sentimo front panels and gives your radiator a classic, yet modern design. View the examples below!

Pick your colour

You can choose from different colours on our website. Most of our colours are RAL colours.