Measuring videos

Are you ready to cover your radiator, but not sure how to measure it? Don’t stress! Below are some useful videos with clear instructions on how to measure your radiator.

The first video is a simple “How To”, measuring the depth, height and length of your radiator properly. The second video shows you how to measure different types of valves if you want them included in your cover.

In this video, we explain how to measure depth, height and length of your radiator. If you want to include your valves or pipes but you’re not sure how to measure these, click the next video!
In this video, we show you the different possible knobs and valves you might have next to your radiators. We generally can’t cover thermostatic valves, because this can interrupt its temperature control function. If you have a normal/non-thermostatic valve, we can cover it in most cases, depending on its position. Click the video for more information!


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