Sentimo Safety

Our Sentimo Safety cover has been designed to keep children and vulnerable adults in mind.

Radiators are an essential in most every UK household. Unless you’re willing to undergo a grand renovation, it’s likely you’ll be stuck with them.

For those with children, this can be concerning. Radiators can reach temperatures above 60˚C, risking some very burnt fingers. You’ve probably childproofed all the windows, electrical outlets and sharp objects, but how to stop your child from burning themselves?

Safety with warmth

You might consider simply turning down the heat or even purchasing a wooden radiator cover, but this would sap all the heat from your room. So, we hear you ask – how can you possibly make a metal radiator cover that’s childproof?
We’ve used special reflective techniques for our Sentimo Safety that keeps the cover’s surface temperature down while still allowing convection heat to warm your room. Because of the open bottom and grills at the top of the cover, your room will stay as warm as always while burns are kept at bay.

Safety for everyone

Our techniques ensure that the surface temperature of your cover stays below ≈28˚C. This is CQC compliant and therefore perfect for nurseries, care homes and hospitals alike. Our covers aren’t just for children but also for the elderly, disabled, vulnerable, or absolutely anyone at risk of burning themselves.

Safety with style

The best part is that our Safety covers look no different from our standard covers. That means it comes in every colour and design that we offer, so you can keep your kids safe while retaining your ideal home design.

Not sure about the colour? Then you can order colour swatches. 

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Sentimo Safety: heat your house without the risk of burns.