13 August 2020

Let's Choose: Which design fits your style?

Sentimo radiator cover is available in three different designs to accommodate every interior style. Do you know which design is best for you and your style? If not, then read on!

Sleek, modern & simple: Solid

The Solid design fits almost every indoor style. It’s a fresh look with no fuss! Solid is an especially good fit for those who favour modern interiors. Its flat plate boasts a velvety, sophisticated feel and its simplistic design promotes unity in a room.

Tip! Do you want to keep your radiator as inconspicuous as possible? Then choose a Solid cover and pick a colour similar to the wall. That way, your radiator will blend into your interior and no longer stand out like a sore thumb.

Cool & playful: Groove

Those who favour more rustic or industrial interiors will love our Groove design. The front plate features thin horizontal grooves, making your radiator and room look just that little bit playful! The Groove design is certainly more striking than our Solid. With this look you can transform your radiator into a real eye-catcher.

Tip! Use the Groove design to give your living space more length. 

Class & sophistication: Classic

Is your house filled with classic detailing, like ornaments and panelling? Then our Classic version will suit you perfectly. The front plate reveals a simple, soft-edged square design ­– luxurious and snug. As a result, this version fits well in classic and simple interiors.

Have you made your choice? Then let's start designing your own Sentimo.

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