01 July 2020

Maintenance: Preserve your radiator cover so it's always at its best

You’ve finally completed your house interior with Sentimo and now you want your radiator covers to stay in their best condition. Below we’ve listed some handy tips for you for the maintenance of your Sentimo(s).

Your Sentimo radiator cover is a custom-made metal cover that has been powder coated in our factory in the colour of your choice. To keep it as pristine as possible, we recommend cleaning it once in a while to prevent any marks appearing, such as dust stains.

How do dust stains appear?

Our covers are easily installed onto radiators with a few magnets and a simple ‘click!’. The magnetic action of these magnets can sometimes attract dust, which may ‘stick’ to the metal on the outside of the cover. Below you can see an example of a dust stain. Have you noticed this on your radiator cover? If so, grab a clean cloth as soon as possible! Taking care of your cover will ensure the dust doesn’t get a chance to settle into the paint.

  • To clean your Sentimo, use a clean, soft cloth (damp or dry).
  • If you would like to use a detergent, please make sure you use a neutral, natural or substantially mild product. Aggressive detergents or abrasives can damage the pristine, powder-finished coating.

With these tips we hope your Sentimo will maintain its beautiful look forever.

Still have some questions about the radiator cover(s) in your home? Then visit our frequently asked questions or contact us.

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