19 September 2017

Radiator cover: for the safety of your children

The winter period is around the corner and radiators are being turned on again. A child can get ugly burns from radiators. This is why it is important to cover up the radiator and, if possible, its pipes.

Radiators can become very hot and your child can accidentally burn himself. A conventional radiator can get warmer than 55 degrees Celsius! The radiator cover of Sentimo Safety is specially made for optimal heat conduction and designed so that the surface does not get warmer than 30 degrees Celsius. This makes the Sentimo Safety suitable for all day nurseries and homes, so that children can play around carefree.
Despite the reduction of the temperature on the surface of the Sentimo Safety, there is hardly any heat loss. Because of the open construction at the top and bottom, the convective heat of the radiator will simply continue to work. Your home or institution will still remain heated, without you having to worry about burns.
Children discover the world with all that comes with it. That is why the radiator cover Sentimo is easy to remove and clean. For cleaning you do not need a chemical detergent.
In addition, a Sentimo radiator cover gives a sleek and luxurious feeling. The Safety cover line has been specially developed and even offers extra safety due to rounded corners. Sentimo radiator covers are made per piece. This makes it possible to simply choose from all the colours and styles that Sentimo has to offer.