02 April 2020

This season: soothe the soul with natural colours

Home is where your heart is. As we spend more and more time in our homes, it’s crucial to recognise how much our environment can affect our mood. With many stressors in the world, you may want to bring a more relaxed atmosphere to your interior. If so, make sure you incorporate some light and natural shades, such as white, cream, beige or light grey. At Sentimo we are happy to provide you with some tips and inspiration for your home.

Not everything needs to be white

When people think of natural shades, they often think of white, grey or beige, but these are not the only colours that can encourage a harmonious interior. Other pastel shades such as light pink or light green (great for spring season!) can create a similar effect, as long as you don’t experiment with too many different shades at once and strive to keep a balance in the room.

Welcome the Spring season inside with light greens and pinks.

Shapes & prints

You may be aching for fun and creativity, and we don’t blame you! Choosing complimentary combinations of shapes and prints can satisfy that ache without overwhelming the senses. Make sure not to use too many different prints at once – this doesn’t mean everything needs to be in the same colour or print, but everything should blend together seamlessly. Don’t be afraid to simply try out different combinations and compositions until you find the right one for you.


Good lighting is pivotal for a peaceful interior. We find that it’s most effective to weave many smaller, dimmer light sources throughout a room, rather than investing in one large bright lamp. Lighting in a room is heavily affected by natural light from the outdoors, so using smaller lamps is especially effective for rooms with many windows, as the source and intensity of illumination in the room can be controlled much easier with multiple lamps. For interiors with striking decoration, it’s also useful to use small lights to illuminate areas and objects you want to highlight and to have the ability to turn on lights only in the darkest areas of the room.

Eliminate irregularities

There may still be areas in your interior that continue to bother you. For many people, their radiators are a vexing aspect of their home decor. But how can you solve this? Choose Sentimo. A radiator cover in a shade that fits well with the shade of your walls can further foster a relaxed and balanced atmosphere.

Do you want your radiator to blend in with your interior?

Design your own Sentimo