20 September 2017

Want to have a custom made radiator cover? See how, here!

Traditional radiators are often considered to be an eyesore. You can choose to replace them with design radiators but this is not always within your budget. A simple and easier way to solve this, a radiator cover!

Radiator cover.. it sounds quite tricky: self-measure, self-cut, self-assemble. But it does not have to be that difficult at all. In fact, with the Sentimo radiator cover it is very simple!

It is almost always possible to take the measurements yourself! Make sure you have the right tools at hand; a pen, paper and a tape measure.

All you have to do is measure the radiator and place the cover. Measuring is a piece of cake with the help of our configurator; state your situation, and the configurator gives you the right instructions how to measure your radiator. Once you receive your Sentimo, assembling it is easy and it will stay in place with the help of very strong magnets.

Personalize your cover 

On our website you will find many different colours. Most of the colours we offer are RAL colours. We use these colour to give you the opportunity to match your Sentimo with your interior. 

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