16 September 2017

Want to paint your radiator?

The radiator plays a particular role in your interior. A beautiful, well-finished radiator ensures a complete end result. In some cases you can paint the radiator.

What you need to know

Thinking about painting your radiator(s)? We give you all the information you need to know here.

Painting a radiator or painting in general is quite time-consuming. Even when painting a radiator, good preparation is half the work. Make sure you clean the radiator properly so that there is no dust or dirt left. A clean surface ensures good bonding with the paint that you are going to apply. The radiator must be cooled down completely when you apply the paint.
Tip: If possible, it is desirable to disassemble the radiator. That way you can easily paint the back of the radiator.

Check carefully for rust spots, you can see them again after the paint dries. If the base coat of radiator is not in good condition, it is best to sand the radiator surface completely. Then clean the sanded surface with a cloth and apply a layer of primer to the radiator. Choose an anti-rust primer. After painting with the primer you sand the surface of the radiator again. Keep in mind that you always use radiator paint, other paint will peel off.

After you have completely cleaned the radiator and made it free of rust, the real painting can start. 
You can apply the paint with a brush, roller or spray can. In our experience the best result can be achieved by using a spray can. It is important to ensure that you have enough spray cans so that you can spray the radiator in one go. This way you get the most tight result.

Allow the radiator paint to dry properly before applying a new layer of paint. The paint must be completely dry before you use the radiator again, otherwise the paint may burst.


  • Very time-consuming
  • Dries slowly
  • Good result is not insured and depends on the condition of the radiator
  • It still looks like a radiator, the design has not improved
  • It is desirable to disassemble the radiator so painting is easier.


  • You can choose almost every colour
  • The radiator has a new coating and will be protected against rust